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TRANSTEC is a customer-centric high tech-driven global player in the localization industry for above a decade. Reach us 24/7 to have all your requests/inquiries replied and dealt with. We have dedicated project managers, account managers and operation manager on shift basis around the clock serving various time zones, and definitely including yours’s. We are here, Call Us NOW!

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World is hyper-connected and to best serve you, we are translating in several language combinations, finding the right dialect and the most fit for job linguist.

TMSs & IMSs updates and...

In the beginning of translation, a document should have been translated by hand. The procedure ordinarily involved a group of people who had bilingual capacities. They would spend months, even years, working phrase-by-phrase or word-for-word to convey documents to the world. What is TMS? A Translation management...
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Widespread of technology...

Advancements in technology dependably have a far-reaching impact on almost all related industries. Today, the utilization of modern innovative solutions in different industries is rapidly rising. The translation industry is the same. The use of innovative solutions has massively affected each part of the...
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Widespread of interpretation...

With the advent of the latest and new technologies, interpreters can work remotely, providing interpretation on many devices like tablets, phones, etc. and easily manage multiple reservations. Before the Internet, interpreters were already at the mercy of event organizers and customers could find themselves in a...
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Need for post-editing in the...

In the digital age, post-editing is the need of time. The purpose of post-editing is to ensure that the translation is fulfilling the standards of good quality content. It is basically an improvement process for machine translation with minimal human input. The quality of the text obtained from machine translation...
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The rise of content-related...

The Internet has converted this world into a global village. We can easily access anything around the world using our technological devices. Business owners are also taking help from online platforms to attract more customers and increase their sales. A few years back, more importance was given to the localization and...
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Recent Trends in Translation...

Things are changing so fast around us, Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technology influenced linguistics and translation domains, in a hike that could change the translation market. The translation industry is a dynamic one, an undeniable fact. Newer technological trends will continuously impact and change the...
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