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Technical features are a basic component of any product. In order to produce an accurate and precise technical content, we are supported with technically qualified resources have expertise and prequalification in multi-disciplinary technical domains.

We are serving in almost all subject matters including:
- Marketing and media
Whether you need to translate magazine articles, audio, video or any content related to social media, TRANSTEC translates your desired media content. We transcend all linguistic and cultural barriers and provide you with a high-quality translation service at affordable rates.
Regardless of their media specialization, media personnel are constantly required to be creative. How can one maintain that sense of creativity and uniqueness when the whole content is translated to another language? Well, TRANSTEC knows all the hows in the media localization field. Our panel of expert linguists dig deep into the content, identifies the subtle differences, and manages to deliver a translated content which both appeals to the target audience and maintains its own creativity and uniqueness.

- Ecommerce
Ride the Cross-Cultural E-Commerce Wave to the MENA Market
With the overwhelming use of the internet, the percentage of internet users in the MENA region reported to having purchased products online is in constant rise. It has been statistically proven that 33% of internet users in the Gulf Region regularly research and buy products online. Online shoppers in the Middle East even want more access to more stores as they agree that accessing all kinds of stores online enhances their shopping experience.

Open new horizons for your business

TRANSTEC offers you translation/localization services to your e-commerce business needs. We localize your online store’s website, your online sales channels, and your product information. We help you globally adapt your product to the Middle Eastern preferences. We grant you the opportunity to break into the international market and have your brand be globally recognized as a worldwide product.

How We Do It

In TRANSTEC, our in-country team of native-speaking linguists is backed up by a thorough awareness of the Middle Eastern culture. We perfectly aware of the ins and outs of the e-commerce business and we can adapt your product to fit the cultural nuances of the MENA region. When it comes to online purchasing, it is all about the images. Therefore, when we translate/localize your content, we make sure that the images involved in the process do not constitute cultural insecurities towards the Middle Eastern audience.

- Automotive

Your Highway to the MENA Market.
Recently, there has been a considerable increase in the number of consumers in the automotive industry as a result of the developments in infrastructure and the constant rise of urbanization in the MENA region. Moreover, more business men are getting into the automotive industry as it involves a variety of careers and because there are certain factors which help the automotive industry to thrive in the MENA region.

Accelerate Your Revenue Growth.
TRANSTEC provides you with translation/localization service which empowers you to rapidly gain a competitive advantage and, thus, accelerate your sales performance. Our well-to-do team of native-speaking linguists, subject-matter experts, and efficient project managers accurately carry out the translation/localization process with superb quality. Our project managers are extremely reactive and are constantly ready to receive your comments, inquiries, and requests and provide answers to your questions.

IT and Engineering
If you are planning on expanding your engineering services/products far beyond your local market and reach foreign markets, then you definitely need a reliable and highly-experienced language service provider. Aside from translating your content into the target locale’s language, if you aspire to dig deeper into the foreign markets, you need to have your documents complying with the established legal codes relevant to your industry. For instance, there are legal codes in European countries as well as the United States which state safety trainings to be conducted in the trainees’ mother language. Also, if you are going to operate in one of the countries of the European Union, your safety data sheets must be in accordance with the linguistic requirements imposed by ECHA.

What Do We Have to Offer You?

In TRANSTEC, we are perfectly aware of the fact that the field of engineering includes several specialties. Thus, we hire engineers who have sufficient knowledge of subject matter regarding each and every specialty in engineering (e.g. mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering).

Collaboration between our native-speaking linguists and proficient graphic designers, project managers, DTP specialists, and localization engineers, serves any of your desired engineering translation/localization projects. Our services include safety manuals, installation manuals, safety data sheets, and product labels and packaging.

E-learning and education

Boosting Profit via E-Learning

Due to the increased use of the internet in numerous fields, learners now have the ability to easily access multiple sources of information online. Such technological phenomenon opens the gate for E-Learning to be incredibly thriving. It has been statistically proven that the quality of production among those who make use of e-learning is fairly higher by 50% than those who acquire in-class learning. Moreover, businesses are proven to be able to save between 50-70% in cash as a result of implementing E-Learning. Through E-learning, business entities have found a practical, economical, and effective way to enhance their employees’ knowledge around the globe.

TRANSTEC presents its customers with its ultimately exceptional E-Learning localization services in relation to a wide range of fields including finance, law, and healthcare. You will find whichever aspect of localization available at our hand including texts, images, and multimedia.

Telecommunication and transportation
The recent technological advances in IT and Telecommunication industry constitute the basis for competition among business leaders. The number of both smart phone owners and the revenues from mobile sales has rocketed recently. Mobile phone users have reached almost 124 million in the Middle East. The MENA market is attempting to keep pace with such rapid technological development. The MENA region is extensively investing in improving the infrastructure of IT industry.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers.

Our proven experience in the field of translation/localization empowers us to target your audience and speak their language. Reach your target audience’s expectations by relying on us to provide a language service that covers all the meticulous details in your IT & Telecom industry. We understand the stylistic and cultural features of your industry.

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Transtec Group, Your Trusted Localization Partner

TRANSTEC is your reliable and expert localization partner for Arabic, Middle Eastern and African languages, localizing almost all domains including legal, technical, media and eLearning and life sciences. We're ISO 17100:2015 Translation Service-Requirements LICS certified Translation Service Provider, in addition to TUV Austria ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System.

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