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Multimedia localization goes beyond written texts to incorporate audio, video, and interactive elements, ensuring your multimedia content is effectively adapted for your target audience. At TRANSTEC, we specialize in a variety of multimedia localization services, leveraging our technical expertise and linguistic skills to help your content resonate in any market. 

Audio Localization: Our services include:

  • Voice-over,
  • Dubbing, and

We work with a network of professional voice actors who can deliver your message in the style and tone that best suits your content and audience. Our audio engineers ensure high-quality sound production.

Video Localization: From corporate videos and commercials to eLearning modules and interactive games, we adapt your visual content for local markets. This includes not just translation of dialogues, but also cultural adaptation of visual elements, on-screen text localization, and more.

E-Learning Localization: We ensure your eLearning content is effective and engaging for learners from different cultural backgrounds. This includes localization of course content, quizzes, interactive elements, and also ensuring the content is compliant with local education standards. 

Website Localization: We adapt your website for different regions, considering not just language translation, but also cultural nuances, local SEO, and user-interface design. 

Software/App Localization: Our team localizes your software or mobile applications ensuring they are intuitive and user-friendly for your target users. This includes:

  • User-interface texts,
  • Help files,
  • Error messages, and 

Game Localization: We help game developers reach international gamers, with services including translation and cultural adaptation of dialogues, user interface, in-game text, and marketing content.

Our multimedia localization team consists of:

  • Expert translators,
  • Skilled voice artists,
  • Experienced sound engineers, and
  • Proficient localization engineers.

They bring together their linguistic proficiency, cultural understanding, and technical skills to ensure your multimedia content feels local to your target audience.

At TRANSTEC, we understand that each project is unique. We leverage our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver personalized solutions that ensure your multimedia content is not just translated, but truly localized for your target markets.

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Transtec Group, Your Trusted Localization Partner

TRANSTEC is your reliable and expert localization partner for Arabic, Middle Eastern and African languages, localizing almost all domains including legal, technical, media and eLearning and life sciences. We're ISO 17100:2015 Translation Service-Requirements LICS certified Translation Service Provider, in addition to TUV Austria ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System.

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